Kate Fehr

Simple. Joyful. Soulful.
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Simple. Joyful. Soulful., Kate Fehr

For years and years I did too much, spent too much, owned too much, ate too much, drank too much, tried to be too much. It was, well…too much, and I wasn’t truly happy or healthy.

After many heart-breaking and life-changing experiences, I consciously decided it was time to do things very differently. What began as an “itch” to clear out some belongings turned into a full mind, body and soul cleanse.

Flash forward a handful of years and through loads and loads of radical healing, clearing, and clarifying, my life now looks and feels wonderfully different. I’m an aspiring minimalist across the board…with what I spend (in money, time & energy), what I own, what I do, what I eat and more. “Aspiring” because every once in awhile those old habits creep in and test me, but I’m committed to my lifestyle…

Simple. Joyful. Soulful.

With all of this clearing I discovered so much more – More love (for myself and others), more time, more happiness, more realness, more connection, more LIFE. I’m now deeply connected to my higher self, my true desires and my greatest passion, which is helping others heal and live their most desired life.

Due to my entrepreneurial spirit and passion for learning, I’ve acquired a variety of offerings…Professional Organizing, Interior Design, WordPress Customization, Feng Shui, Energy Clearing, Essential Oils, Coaching and more. Combining these tried and true tools with my intuition, I help clients move through old “stuff”, clear out what no longer serves them and create a life, home and business they love.